OHMS Version 2.1.9 Goes Live

Big changes to the OHMS Application have gone live in version 2.1.9. These updates  include cosmetic changes, workflow improvements, added functions, and best of all, compatibility with YouTube.

So let’s talk about YouTube compatibility.  Interviews that are uploaded to YouTube (and public)  are now compatible with OHMS. This means that there is a free option for video delivery utilizing OHMS.   

Next, we’ve replaced the Flowplayer.  It was Flash based which became a problem.  We have replaced it with jPlayer.

New Player in OHMS v 2.1.9

Major changes were made to the Interview Manager. The columns have been rearranged to better reflect the standard workflow in OHMS. A notes column has also been added. Users will be able to flag interviews and write an explanation of an issue with the file. Repository administrators will automatically be notified when a note is created and can mark the note as “Resolved” when the issue has been rectified. A “Select All” column has also been created which allows for batch exporting or deleting of up to 100 interviews at one time.

Interview Manager in v 2.1.9

There has also been an exciting development in the Transcript Sync Module. Transcripts can now be edited before or after syncing. It is recommended that this editing feature only be used for minor edits that will not greatly affect the time code that has already been created but this feature will make fixing minor errors in transcripts much easier since sync points will be saved even after editing.

The overall status function is now automated. The Metadata, Index, and Transcript Sync each have their own dropdown menus used to indicate the status of each module. Each status corresponds to a color, giving users a visual indicator for the status of each component. When all modules have been marked as “Complete” the overall status will automatically change to “Completed”. These status indicators provide a way for both users and administrators to quickly assess the status of their collections in OHMS.

Several cosmetic changes will include an update to the OHMS Preview Viewer bringing it up to date with the latest version of the OHMS Viewer. This update will make your repository’s logo more prominent and allows for a greater number of index segments to be visible at once. Rights and usage statements will also be made more compact in the footer. The ability to preview your interviews will now be available as soon as the minimum required metadata and media have been uploaded into OHMS.

A few metadata fields have been added or changed. The “OHMS XML File Name” field has been added. This field will be used to control the naming of the OHMS .xml export. The field File Name has been changed to “Media File Name” and will no longer affect the name of the XML file. 

Being a web-based app, I would recommend that you clear your browser’s cache if you notice anomalies.  Please see our development change log  for Version 2.1.9 to get a full list of all the new features and read our updated Getting Started Guide to learn how they will affect your use of OHMS.