In September 2023, the OHMS Application was integrated into the Aviary Platform.  The User Guide below has been updated.  The tutorials will be updated in the next few months.  The contents of the tutorials are mostly still relevant, however, some of the user interface details and terminology has changed. 


OHMS User Guide (Aviary Platform), updated September 17, 2023

OHMS User Guide (Legacy)

OHMS Viewer Installation Tutorial (Advanced, for an enterprise environment)

OHMS Viewer Installation Tutorial (Simple, for use with third-party web hosts)

Upgrading the OHMS Viewer

OHMS Guide to Indexing

OHMS Guide to Transcript Formatting (No longer necessary with latest version of the OHMS application)



Sample OHMS XML Files (zipped)

CSV Import Template (.csv)


Using OHMS with Omeka

Video Tutorials

How OHMS Works

How OHMS Works (2:16)

Brief Introduction to OHMS Indexing

A Brief Introduction to OHMS Indexing (7:02)


 Using OHMS to Index Oral History: A Detailed Tutorial (25:50)


OHMS Indexing Levels: Level 1 (6:35)

OHMS Indexing Levels: Level 2 OHMS Indexing Levels: Level 2 (7:52)


OHMS Indexing Levels: Level 3 (8:34)

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