In order to request a free OHMS account, fill out the form below. Submit the name and email address for the individual at your institution who will serve as the OHMS repository administrator. Also, make sure your “Repository Name” is submitted as you want your institution represented in the OHMS created metadata If you are requesting an institutional account, please include the institutional name in the proposed repository name.  Before you submit your request, please confirm the following:

  • If requesting on behalf of an institution, please confirm that your institution does not already have an OHMS repository. If so, contact the OHMS Administrator at your institution (usually the individual who requested the account) and request that the repository admin add you to the repository.
  • If you are a teacher, instructor or professor using OHMS for a class, please request a single repository for the class (type: Institutional), then, as the repository admin, you will add the students to your account.  Please do not have each student, individually, apply for separate repositories.

The request form is here.