OHMS Application Changelog: Version 2.1.9

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Interview Manager: Enhanced Status Indicator Features –

  1. Automate Preview – “Preview” function is available as long as there’s a link to an MP3 or video.
  2. When a sync or index is initiated its status will automatically be set to “In Process”
  3. The “View” text in the Metadata and Sync columns has changed from “View” to “Metadata” and “Sync”.  The color of the text will reflect the status of the metadata, sync or index using the current color schemes.
  4. A “mark as” function has been created for the Metadata, Index and Sync pages. It is a dropdown with 4-5 choices: Metadata and Sync choices are “In process” “Ready for QC” “Active QC” and “Complete”, Index choices are “In process” “Ready for QC” “Active QC” “Complete” and “Not Applicable”. This will update the interview’s status in the interview manager, and the color of the text will reflect the status of the metadata, sync or index using the current color schemes.
  5. The “processing” column will be automated, reflecting the overall status of the process for that interview. Its status will either be “In Process” or “Complete”, depending on whether the “mark as complete” function has been used for the interview.
  6. The existing QC functionality will be integrated as a new status within the “Mark As” function within the Metadata, Index, and Sync modules. This will reflect in the corresponding columns in the interview manager.
  7. Notes Column – The QC column has been converted to a Note column, with a flag and a prompt to see the note associated with the interview. If clicked, the note will pop up in a lightbox. Workflow notes are not exported as part of the OHMS XML. Upon saving the metadata, if a flag note exists, the repository admin will get an email informing them of the note.  If a flag note is created, a flag will appear in this column.


Interview Manager: Batch Actions

  1. Checkboxes added for each interview
  2. Ability to select all or deselect all
  3. Ability to batch export XML (one massive export zipped up batches)
  4. Ability to batch delete records



  1. Added Field: OHMS XML File Name – This field will be used to name the xml export. If the field is blank, it will default to a version of the accession number.
  2. Change Metadata Field: Media File Name – This will replace the former “Filename” field as the Media File Name.


Sync Module: Edit Transcript

  1. Added the ability to edit the transcript directly from the Sync Module. There is now an edit link at the top of the transcript. Clicking the link will open a lightbox with a text field to edit the transcript. Clicking the link will also pause the audio/video. Once the text is edited, it will update on the sync page and resume playing.


YouTube Compatibility 

  1. OHMS can now access publicly shared YouTube videos for indexing and time code syncing so interviews no longer need to be hosted on a repository server. (Access to an mp3 version of the interview still required for transcript syncing.)


  1. Replaced Flowplayer with jPlayer for better HTML 5 compatibility, minimizing dependence on Flash.

Preview Viewer cosmetic changes

  1. Header metadata made more compact
  2. Logo moved to header
  3. Footer made more compact
  4. Segment font and type changes
  5. Open segments made more compact


 Bug Fixes

  1. Character limit in keywords field removed.