OHMS Viewer Update: v. 3.4.2

We have just released updates to the OHMS Vewer.  Version 3.4.2 is available here:


v3.4.2 includes the following:

  • Add Vimeo support natively
  • Bug fix regarding symlinks and Viewer installation
  • Hide empty fields in the OHMS index
  • Add the “Acknowledgement” field (formerly known as “funding” in the application) to the footer. This field coincides with the “funding” field for the record in the metadata module and the OHMS xml file.
  •  Add SoundCloud as a player option in the config.ini file
  • Minor changes to text size in the “transcript/index” toggle and the “Switch to [language]” link
  • Minor fix to separate “subjects”in index segments by semicolon rather than commas.

The addition of Vimeo is exciting.  However, one caveat is that the Vimeo player (at present) does not have the capability to play “inline” video on small mobile devices. Inline capability (playing an embedded video within the frame rather than forcing full-screen). The ability to play video “inline” is critical for full integration with the OHMS Viewer in all mobile environments. At present this integratin is fully functional on desktop browsers as well as on larger mobile devices such as an iPad.

Vimeo has indicated to us that this may be a future feature, but for now Vimeo videos presented via the OHMS Viewer on an iPhone will only present as full screen video.  We will be closely monitoring future Vimeo updates and hope this will be included in a near future update.