OHMS Application Update v.2.2.20

Last week we rolled out a few important updates to the OHMS Application in v. 2.2.20 that included some minor and some major changes to the OHMS Application. We are really excited about some of these changes at the Nunn Center.  As always, whenever the OHMS application is uploaded, it is always best to clear your browser cache and log back in to OHMS.  We are working with a new vendor to develop OHMS and are quite excited about these changes, as well as what is to come.  Stay tuned!

Here is a summary of the changes:

  1. Vimeo: We added Vimeo Support.  Just as OHMS has been configured to work with YouTube, SoundCloud and Kaltura streaming services, OHMS now works with Vimeo.  Just as you did with YouTube or Sound Cloud, just upload your video to Vimeo and utilize the embed code to synchronize or index the video in OHMS.
  2. Transcript Uploader: The transcript uploading process has been greatly enhanced.  Most aspects of the Microsoft Word macro that was developed and circulated to assist the uploading process has been incorporated into the OHMS Application itself.  OHMS now allows a .doc or a .docx version of transcripts or translations to be uploaded without changing the default text encoding.  Users will be notified if there is an error in uploading.
  1. OHMS XML Schema: We have developed and released the OHMS XML Schema.  The XSD can be accessed here: https://www.avpreserve.com/nunncenter/ohms/ohms.xsd
  2. Library of Congress Subject Headings (Linked): Several measures were taken to enhance the efficiency and user experience when utilizing the linked Library of Congress Subject Headings thesaurus in the indexing module.  This should greatly enhance performance when users are utilizing the linked LCSH as a thesaurus while indexing.
  3. YouTube Bug: The YouTube bug requiring http (disallowing https)  in the media URL has been fixed.
  4. SoundCloud Bug: The workflow manager bug regarding synchronizing a transcript for SoundCloud (without something in the “Media URL” field has been fixed.  To be clear, Sound Cloud requires the iFrame embed code rather than the media url.
  5. Password Rules: We have enhanced the rules for OHMS Application account passwords
  6. Text Encoding Bug: Addressed a minor bug in the OHMS database regarding text encoding.
  7. Field Name Change: We decided to change the “Funding” field in the metadata element set to “Acknowledgement” in order to serve broader functionality.  This field will now appear in the latest version of the OHMS Viewer (in the footer).