OHMS Updates: Viewer v3.7.0 / OHMS App. v3.1.0

We have some major updates to OHMS in version 3.1.0 of the OHMS Application.

OHMS Application v.3.1.0

  • Project Management: We have added a new level for organizing your interviews.  You can create “Projects” for organizing and managing workflow.

  • Repository Limits: In order to make the project management feature most useful, we have raised the limits in OHMS repositories.  Previously, you could only have up to 500 records in your OHMS Application account at any given time.  The limit is now 10,000.
  • User Assignments: A repository administrator can assign interviews to “project users” and “project editors” who will only see interviews they have been assigned when they log in.
  • Reorganized the Metadata Editor: Implemented a major reorganization of the Metadata Editor.

  • Multiple GPS Coordinates/Hyperlinks: Added the ability to create multiple GPS coordinates and hyperlinks for individual index segments.  Previously you could only present 1 GPS coordinate and 1 hyperlink per OHMS index segment.

The GPS coordinates then present in the latest version of the OHMS Viewer as well.

  • CSV Import and Export: we have updated the csv import template as well as the csv export.
  • Updated the XML Schema / XSD


OHMS Viewer v. 3.7.0

  • Multiple GPS Coordinates/Hyperlinks: see above

Index/Transcript Integration: This update takes some steps toward a better user experience when there is both a transcript and an index.  If there is both a transcript and an index , there is  now a mechanism for navigating between the index segment and the corresponding section of a transcript, as well as navigate from a specific location in the transcript to the corresponding index point.

From an index, navigate to the corresponding point in the transcript:


From the transcript, navigate to the the corresponding index segment:

  • Minor interface design changes: We made small design changes to the interface to make it more consistent and improve usability.