OHMS Updates: Viewer v3.6.3 / OHMS App. v3.0.1

We have launched a new development cycle for OHMS that has some minor and some major updates coming in the next few months. The first of the updates have been released.  For more detail, see the blog post OHMS UPDATES: VIEWER VERSION 3.6.3 / OHMS APP VERSION 3.0.1.

OHMS Viewer v 3.6.3

  1. Improved footnote feature in the transcript view.  Added search and hover features with footnotes.
  2. Disabled and removed the transcript / index toggle when there was only one entity present.  The toggle does not appear if there is only a transcript or only an index present.  The toggle appears when both entities are present.
  3. Added “Exhibit” mode to the Viewer.  Exhibit mode allows the viewer to be configured in a mode that will stop the audio and video at the end of an index segment and then close the segment window.

OHMS Application 3.0.1

  1. Reorganized the tagging and transcript synchronization windows. Incorporation of the audio and video players into these windows, improved layout of both views.
  2. Ability to index offline audio and video.  If there is no media link to audio or video, OHMS now allows the manual entry of time code (HH:MM:SS), enabling a user to index media that is not yet online.
  3. Minor fixes pertaining to indexes and transcripts with diacritics and special characters. Fixed issue where in index keywords or subjects containing diacritics would disappear under certain conditions.
  4. Adjusted OHMS XML import mapping so “Acknowledgement” field would be imported and mapped appropriately when importing an OHMS XML file.
  5. Updates to the preview version (See Viewer updates v.3.6.3).